Interior Texture Paint

Skalflex Interiør StrukturInterior Texture Paint is produced for indoor use and can be used straight away and without priming on Leca blocks, plaster, concrete, gypsum board, cement chipboard and brick.

On absorbent surfaces like breezeblocks, Ytong and Siporex elements, it is an advantage to prime using BETO-LIME BINDER or WATER-REFLEX, which slows down the drying process and leaves more time for application.

Skalflex Interiør StrukturIt may also be necessary to prime cement chipboards with TURPENTINE SOLUBLE ALKYD PAINT as brown blotches may otherwise seep through to the surface of the Interior Texture Paint. The blotches are caused by glue and bark impurities in the boards.

Walls that have previously been painted with distemper or other water-soluble products, should, to be on the safe side, be primed using a turpentine-based primer.

On sawdust wallpaper that has previously been painted using emulsion paint, it is not necessary to prime as long as the wallpaper is well attached to the wall. On untreated wallpaper, we must advise you to be careful - try a small area first and see if the paper comes away from the wall. If so, then the wallpaper must be removed

Skalflex Interiør StrukturWall Hessian requires two coats of Interior Texture Paint in order to avoid the occurrence of shrinkage holes. First, use a stopping knife to make an even surface. Let this coat dry before applying Interior Texture Paint using a paintbrush or roller. As with ordinary wallpaper, start carefully and make sure the Hessian does not come away from the wall. 

For the bathroom, we recommend SKALFLEX COARSE PAINT for outside use, followed by WATER-REFLEX.

Interior Texture Paint can be diluted using up to 20% water depending on what kind of structure you desire. Thick Interior Texture Paint will give you sharp edges, thin INTERIOR STRUCKTURE will give you rounded edges.

Interior Texture Paint can be applied using a whitewash brush or stopping knife, but often the easiest way is to dip the structure roller straight into the can. Get as much of the paint on the roller as possible and roll onto the wall evenly in strips of about 50-100 cm wide from floor to ceiling. Complete the application with long hard strokes with the roller, always in the same direction or use a brush or your hands to create an exiting pattern.

Interior Texture Paint is very suitable for complete stopping of lightweight concrete elements and for stopping gypsum boards using fibreglass strips.


Technical data

Gloss: Ca. 2-mat
Consumption: 1-2 m2 per kg
Drying time: 6-8 hours v. 20 °C.
Dilution: Water
Safety Rules 93: 00-1
Working temperature : Min. -8 °C.
Cleaning: Water
Shades: White; can be tinted as desired
Storage: Frost-free in tightly closed packaging
Packaging: 5 kg and 15 kg